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Catch it if you can

Comparing and contrasting the merits of theater in London versus Broadway – that was the topic of discussion over dinner at El Chaparral Restaurant in Helotes over the weekend.

Then, we were off to the historic Woodlawn Theatre for the true-story musical, “Catch Me If You Can,” running through May 11. (Thanks to my friend Debi Pfitzenmaier for the tickets.)

Though we were late to the show, we easily slipped into seats near the back of this cozy theater. Soon, that conversation came back to me, and then something I really already knew, but sometimes forget.

I’m no arts critic. I’ve never been to London. I have seen only a few shows on Broadway. But I can tell you San Antonio has some great local talent, both on stage and back stage, and creative leaders in the performing arts who are bringing great things to our city.

My next thought any time I have this privilege at Woodlawn, The Playhouse or anywhere else: These people must work really hard to put this together. These are no simple productions. From learning the script and marks to lighting, music and set design, it’s clear that a lot of thought and labor goes into each and every scene.

In “Catch Me If You Can,” the magical set, designed by Benjamin Grabill, placed the show’s fantastic musicians front and center, rather in the orchestra pit. Costumes were genius, too. Kudos Rose Kennedy!

Support local theater and the arts. Catch it if you can!



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