I work with:

  • Publication editors
  • Designers and design agencies
  • Public relations agencies
  • Business owners / corporations
  • Nonprofits and fundraising execs

Deadline approaching? I am an independent writer. I want to help you when and where you need it most. Even on a tight deadline. In less than a two-year period, I researched, wrote and submitted more than 60 grant applications on behalf of one nonprofit, earning them more than a half-a-million dollars during that time.

New project or event coming up? I am an experienced writer. With proven content published in newspapers, magazines and brochures, on websites, billboards and youtube. View  my writing samples here or contact me to request something specific.

Got a great story to tell? I am a writer who can say it with impact. So you can tell your stories in a way that people will respond.

Photo by Dawn Snow, SnowPro Photography, San Antonio

I have received numerous writing and editing awards and accolades over the years. My clients know they can depend on me for creativity, responsiveness and accuracy. Because I believe we can make our community a better place through the small things we do. For me, it is through my writing.

As a writer with more than 25 years of experience, I help editors, designers, fundraisers and business achieve goals with advertising, marketing, member communications, grants and journalism.

Contact me at


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