Cardboard Kids


These are just a few of the cute little cardboard children that I was introduced to this morning at ChildSafe San Antonio.

They will soon make their public debut and begin appearing all over San Antonio starting April 3.

They have been created by individuals and groups who care about the children in our community.

They represent the 5,846 children here who were abused here last year, the 1 in 10 who actually reported the abuse.

Like them, each one of these cardboard children tells a different story of abuse — and survival.

By sharing their stories, we come together as a community to prevent and heal from child abuse. If you see one, please share it with your Facebook friends, send a tweet, take a selfie, just keep the discussion going.

Contact ChildSafe to learn more, make a donation and find out how you can help today.


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  1. Shari: Thanks for helping us to spread the word about #cardboardkidssa. Hopefully communicators like you will help us be the “dominos” to topple the problem in our community.

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