Santa suits

stockvault-santa137679In the drive-through lane at the dry cleaners yesterday, I could see through the glass doors no less than three Santa suits cleaned and bagged and ready for the big guy to claim.

It made me wonder, if my children were still little enough to be strapped into car seats in the back, what they would think. How would I answer their questions and keep sacred the secret of Santa?

No, instead, in the back of my SUV were bags bursting at the seams with new clothing, shoes, dolls, gift cards, books and games – all the things six other young children hoped Santa would deliver this Christmas.

Every year my family requests from a local shelter the names and wishes of six people who need Christmas more than we do. Rather than give one another gifts, we set aside the traditional “Secret Santa” drawing-names approach to gift-giving long ago and now choose to give in this way – the greatest gift of all, giving and sharing our blessings with others.

I don’t have the oversized red suit, trimmed in white fur. But I think I know the real secret of Christmas.


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