What I did on my summer vacation

ImageGetting ready to go back to school next week — yes, Catholic schools start early! – I’m looking back on our summer and see that it was time well spent.

We tried to broaden every one’s horizons with a trip to the Big Apple and the wilds of Maine, with a few college tours in between. And it may not be as glamorous as a mini-mester in London, Madrid or Rome, nor a Third-World mission trip, but we had one child visit Americana at its best during the College World Series in Omaha, another made her first solo road trip to All-Things-Aggie Land, while the third is pondering her many good options – Ivy and otherwise — for going away to college next year.

Besides hitting the books for “summer homework” and get-ahead summer school classes, plus a little volunteer work, they managed to accomplish some life-enriching things that will make them bigger, better and more ready for school than any required-reading list ever could.

For instance. Oldest Child cheerfully checked groceries by day several days a week, and pulled a graveyard shift in the meat department.

While Middle Child was busy saving others both at her poolside lifeguard job and serving in “God’s Army,” pink hair and all, as a faith retreat leader.

Our youngest put a summer’s worth of gym-based strength training to the test rebuilding a local school track — a day’s worth of very real manual labor that stacked a cool $90 in his bank account during the hottest part of summer.

Now I hear the “Rocky” theme drifting from the upstairs TV room. Yea, I think they are ready for whatever school, and life, throws their way.


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  1. Great post, Shari! Sounds like you all had a wonderful (and enriching) summer. Cheers, Denise

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