Grant writing: My verbs in action

I write newspaper articles and press releases. I write ads and brochures. I write scripts, websites and social media content.

You name it, something happens somewhere, someone creates something, or plans something, and I tell the story.

When I write a grant, I make something happen.

Yesterday, I attended my first pre-bid conference for construction work that will begin as a result of grant money we won last year. It was a well-deserved prize and the funds will be put to very good use.

Short of wearing hard hats, I could already see the ground being broken and the change being made. It’s really going to happen, I thought, and the sun shone a little brighter, I’m just sure of it.

When I write a grant, it’s most always and every where a team effort of which I’m blessed to be a part. It starts with an exceptional cause, and people who are dedicated to a mission matched up with generous people and organizations who give because it’s the right thing to do – all the ingredients that make any story easy to tell.

And that’s where it really begins. With people making a difference in our community. I didn’t make it happen just because I filled in the spaces on some grant application and penned a compelling cover letter.

But now I am part of the story, and I take that to heart.



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2 responses to “Grant writing: My verbs in action

  1. Laura Carter

    Shari, I very much appreciate your blogs. And, your actions. Thanks for being a part of keeping PHS going.

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