Why God does not want you to give up Facebook for Lent

This I know to be true: God did not invent Facebook.

What God did do is make us social creatures. Communication technology in all its forms is a manifestation of our dependence on one another and the God within each of us.  We are the best we can be, and more like Him, when we are communicating with one another.

A few years ago, I lost a dear friend. Few others in my circle knew him. So I don’t have people with whom to share his memory. Except on Facebook, where I’ve been able to connect with his family, people I barely knew but who indulge me because they, too, feel the loss.

So on those days when my mind wanders to him, and how much I miss him, I have a place to reach out and find him, a community that bears him in their hearts as I do, and a shared place to feel his presence.

Give up chocolate, your video game addiction and talking about your coworker behind his back. Resolve to eat less, exercise more and do daily meditation. But, for God’s sake, and the 382 people on your friends list, keep those status updates, vacation pics and direct messages coming.

That’s what builds community. And if your community, on Facebook or otherwise, is building you up, giving you joy, bringing you closer to others and to Him, providing a network of meaningful relationships, that’s not something to sacrifice.

But to celebrate.



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2 responses to “Why God does not want you to give up Facebook for Lent

  1. poprice

    I am sharing this. I had similar thoughts a few weeks back.

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