Some friends I follow

postcardBusiness coaching classes can teach you a lot about marketing your business well, coming up with better ways of doing business, and how to find customers for your business. What I did not expect to get from the class I took is the people I met, and the personal gifts they shared. If you don’t know them already, let me introduce you to these leaders and tell you why I would follow them (if I were you).

Aida Zorilla – an inspired writing style and approachability endears you to her, but what I respect most is her yearning for continued learning.

Matt Stigliano – infectious enthusiasm, and reliable source for tech insights and pizza-place tips. Stigliano is going on tour again, folks, and I look for him to take downtown by storm.

Charles Weisinger – a dedication to his work, his coworkers and the service he provides his clients is to be admired. Steady as a rock, this guy really cares about what you think and say.

Jeanette Honermann – a never-met-a-stranger and a let’s-get-this-done attitude, all the while thinking and exploring and making connections. Jeanette gave me the postcard (above) that now hangs in my cubicle.

Shelley Cook – to know her is to love laughing at her dry wit; she’s got more cylinders firing upstairs than most of us could ever hope to have. Ask her anything: She’s a giver.

Melanie Mendez Gonzales – besides being gifted with an assuring voice and an open mind, she wears a beautiful smile and rocks some pretty great shoes.

Alicia Arenas – talented beyond compare, yes, but a teacher who is wise enough to understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


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