Giving a damn

When Theresa Moore of Moore Ink, Seattle, talked about the differences between nonprofits and businesses in the PR/Advertising world at yesterday’s San Antonio AdFed meeting, she called nonprofits “message virgins.” Apparently, they focus too much on what they do, their great programs, how they feed or clothe or shelter people in one way or another. The focus of their message should instead be on what sells, on the impact they are making according to their mission. The challenge, here, I think is that it’s difficult to measure the impact of feeding a homeless child, or caring for an elderly woman, or educating an economically disadvantaged boy or girl. So, the solution here is what Moore also recommends: Tell your story through the parents, the volunteers, the staff, clients, anyone who is involved and touched by your programs. Imagine the power of the words coming from the hungry child and his hopeless parents. Tell your compelling story, one at a time. That’s how you reach your donors (think of them as investors, as Causality’s Terri Gaines suggests), and answer their most pressing question: How will you use my money?


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  1. We’ve always had a better impact when we bring in the people who are actually benefitting from the program. This especially helps our United Way campaign.

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