Market research

A local cafeteria restaurant and a top-secret reconnaissance mission. The best man for this job will own parentally-issued electronics, the skill and will to use them, and the unquenchable sense of adventure brought on by a dreaded case of spring “what are we going to do next?” break-it is. The right man is, of course, a growing teen-age boy fresh from the morning’s baseball practice. For starters, he’s infinitely searching for food products in all its forms. Yes, he’ll take the whole chicken fried steak with brown gravy, thank you, and “Awesome, mom! I got the last baked potato, too.” At the end of the line, a giant slice of oreo cookie pie edges out the last open spot on the tray for an ice-cold glass of red flash soda. The mission, however, is not an all-you-can-eat restaurant review for the school paper. There is real work to be done. Out comes the cell phone, and with a few side glances to be sure his activities go unobserved – stealth techniques no doubt perfected in the 6th grade classroom – digital shots are fired at the menu. The camera captures it, kids nuggets and all. Happy client. Well-fed boy.


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