Me, too

Yesterday’s local news channels had a case of the “me, toos” when it was reported that a SeaWorld trainer was killed in Orlando (hey, we have a SeaWorld park – she’s one of us) and when the hero of the latest Littleton school shooting was revealed as a former San Antonian (that’s our guy!). Unsung were the heroes and the empathy I witnessed that afternoon, however, in the aisles of one of the most crowded H-E-B stores in San Antonio, at Blanco/1604. Rushed shoppers slowed their pace, stopped to assist with those hard-to-reach items, and mused with one another about their own mortality as they loaded their baskets alongside a couple dozen frail, elderly nursing home residents making their way through the store. Some had aides to help when their motorized cart knocked an entire stack of groceries to the floor, others had only the assistance of other able-bodies shoppers, especially at the register when credit-card swipers did nothing but confuse an aging mind. All, however, had the empathy of a community that truly believes in lending a hand. It was San Antonio “me, too” at its best.


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